Saturday, July 14, 2012

5 Ways to Celebrate 'Nude Recreation Week!'

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This sand sculpture looks pretty good naked, right?

We're only a few weeks into summer and already the sun has decided to be slightly oppressive to its adoring fans. For some, the sizzling heat has been enough to convince them to renounce summer as their favorite season, but the rest are just trying to find new ways to stay cool under July's glorious golden glow. 

Crank the air conditioning? Check. Lower it once you realize how high your utility bill will be? Check. Resort to sitting in front of a fan sipping daiquiris wishing you were at a beach? Check, check and check. 

But really, why haven't you just gotten naked? 

Yes, naked. Bare it all, you sexy, single (and non-single!) ladies and gents, because July 9 through 15 is Nude Recreation Week, as celebrated annually by The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) and The Naturist Society. Yes, these organizations exist, but you don't have to be an active member to celebrate the naked holiday. 

Here are some ways to rejoice in your birthday suit (just remember to wear sunscreen!) 

Hit The Beach Nude 
Naked sunbathing is an age-old way to fully enjoy the sunshine while making uptight passers-by incredibly uncomfortable. If you'd like to let your girls hang out, and eliminate tan lines once and for all, hopefully ogling some buff naked guys in the process, check out the American Association for Nude Recreation's listing of nude beaches, which highlights spots on each coast perfect for a clothes-free day on the sand: 

Take A Nude Vacation 
If one day at the beach isn't enough to fill your naked needs, try taking an entire vacation at a nude resort. Yes, nude resorts exist, and think of all the money you'll save on baggage fees! Again, the AANR has a listing of their approved destinations -- everything from rustic campgrounds to upscale resorts -- all of which let you go as you please without wearing those pesky things called clothes. Once you've arrived at your vacation spot, you can try nude kayaking, bare beach volleyball or even just stroll through the forest au natural (but don't forget the bug spray). 

Throw A Nude Party 
No need to spend excessive amounts of money traveling to enjoy the feeling of the sun gracing every inch of your skin. If your comfort level allows (and your home is private enough), throw a clothing-optional party in the back yard, inviting those who would be down for showing their goods to good friends. No shoes, no shirt? No problem -- really. 

Go Skinny Dipping 
This is pretty obvious, right? It's the quintessential scene in most romantic comedies, and could be a perfect opportunity to use Nude Recreation Week for your own personal benefit. Strip down and dive into a pool, or a take a midnight swim in a lake or ocean (just be wary of local laws!) 

Get Creative (And Sexy!) 
One of the most notable events to happen during this weeklong celebration of nude frolicking is the AANR Amazing Canvas Nudist Face & Body Painting Event. Though registration for the official party has passed, that's no excuse not to get naked and let your significant other go crazy with some paint on your own body. 

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